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Recruitment, Oct. 2012

Well it’s been a few weeks, and we’ve been able to evaluate our people in action, and we’ve been able to see what kind of attendance we have.  Guess what!  We could use more people in some areas!  And so the never ending search for awesome players continues.  What we’re looking for right now is …

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Recruitment Extravaganza: March 27th, 2012

We are now opening up recruitment to all classes and roles.  If you have the ultra rare attributes of not sucking, showing up on time and consistently, and being able to listen to instructions like a baws, we want you! Our raid days are Tues-Thurs.  Raid starts at 6:50 PM and ends at 10:00 PM …

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Heroic Yor’sahj… He’s not sleeping.

Congrats to PWD on downing heroic Yor’sahj.   We have switched our format to 10 mans since we have been unable to actually get a consistent group in 25 mans.  We’re now doing heroics with one 10 man raid, and meta achievements with the other, rotating players in between the groups.  Once everyone’s good on …

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Heroic Morchok: Deceased

Congrats PWD on downing our first heroic boss of this tier on Tuesday!  Only took us two nights of attempts.  We had a somewhat rocky start on this server, but we’ve improved each week, and each week I’ve been proud of our improvement.  Hagara, you’re next bitch! Our team is getting pretty solid, but there …

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Recruitment: March 1st, 2012

Power Word Drunk (1/8H in 25 mans at the time of this post), is seeking some skilled players to add some depth to our roster.  If you can follow instructions and listen to call outs, you’re what we’re looking for! What we really want at this point in time is ranged dps.  Specifically the following …

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